The Press Institute is a non-governmental non-profit organization, established in 1995 under the Free Press project financed by a grant from the Danish Agency for International Development (DANIDA). The Press Institute focuses on building a culture of quality media in Mongolia through constant training workshops for industry journalists, roundtable discussions on key issues in the media, building critical thinking skills among journalists, government personnel and media users, and strengthening discourse, research and education in journalism.

The Press Institute was established in the early 1990’s at the beginning of the nation’s democratization, and at a time when the Mongolian media and public were undergoing the historic transition from a Soviet satellite state to an independent democracy. Over the past two decades the Mongolian media environment has continually evolved and has faced many challenges and obstacles in its development. The Press Institute has been the leading non-government organization to work with journalists and media users to enhance the skills and knowledge of media in society and as a result, has contributed to the vibrant political, social and economic debate that exists in the public today. The Press Institute is supported by a number of local and international organizations on a variety of projects.

COVERAGE: Journalists from the Press Institute’s Environmental Journalism Club (EJC) interview an Oyu Tolgoi employee.



To support the development of an independent and pluralistic media in Mongolia. To assist in improving the qualifications and skills of Mongolian media workers. To analyze the development of Mongolian media, disseminate objective and reliable information on this development and support the exchange of scientific information on media. To explain to the public the role and importance of free media in the society, economy and intellectual life of the country.