Implemented projects

The Institute is supported by the Danish Agency for International Development’s “Free Press” (1995-1999), the United Nations XX-funded “Democracy and Journalism” (1997-2000), the TACIS-funded “Responsible and Pluralistic Media and. Journalism Professional Standards (1999-2001), DANIDA-funded Journalism and Media in Mongolia / Mongolian Media Monitoring (1999-2002) Open Society Institute-funded Strategic Development Support (2003-2004), UNESCO “Photojournalism Training” (2004-2005), “Regular Press Electronic Archive” project (2000-2007) with the support of the Central Library of England and the Lisbeth Rosing Foundation, and “Monitoring of Public Radio and Television Programs” funded by the Open Society Forum. ”(2007-2008,2011),“ Building Media Criticism Capacity ”in collaboration with the Open Society Institute (2010-2011), Creating a Journalism Training Resource for Sustainable Development with UNESCO Support (2013), Deutsche, Germany Establishment of Media Self-Regulatory Organization in Mongolia with the support of Velle Academy (2014-2016), Development of Investigative Journalism in Mongolia (2014-2019), “Development of Strategic Information Communication Capacity for Poverty Reduction” funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (2015), Asian Development Bank-supported “Gender Equality Awareness” project (2017-2019), “Media and Information Basic Education” (2018-2019) with the support of UNESCO and the Swedish International Cooperation Agency, and “Journalism Training” with the support of UNESCO Introduce a new program ”(2018 – 2019).