“Business Support Initiative” project

Friday February 15th, 2013

In the framework of the Business Support Initiative, in collaboration with the United States Agency for International Development and Cemonics International, what is data journalism, how to report on corporate governance ?, Mongolia’s budget deficit and fiscal policy, and how to measure competitiveness? “Economic Reform in the Local Area”, “Professional Training for Economic Journalists”, “Mining Transparency”, “We Will Teach the Opportunity to Reap the Benefits of the Motherland”, and “How Impact of the Right Wheel Import Ban on the Economy” “Is it easy to connect to new energy in Mongolia?”, “Wealth Fund Allocation and Bond Income Spending”, “How to Ensure Food Security?”, “Is Compulsory Driver’s Liability Insurance Implemented?”, “Poultry “Cold and Food Security”, “Current Energy Situation”, “Electronic Taxation and Economic Savings”, Asia-Pacific Economic Policy and Cooperation, “How Can Domestic Suppliers Meet Customer Demands?” How the Sector Can Improve Governance ”,“ Monetizing Business Reform ”,“ Energy Lack and 5 Thermal Power Plants ”,“ Mongolian Real Estate Market Trainings and information activities on “Loans” and “Advantages of e-tax reform” were organized.