The Press Institute of Mongolia


We are dedicated to promoting the development of media in Mongolia, which is evident from the regular and detailed studies we conduct on the media market and journalistic content. Our goal is to promote transparency in media development trends, identify problems and challenges in journalism, and document the history of journalism and media with authentic and reliable research data. In pursuing these goals, we uphold the principle of respecting the public's right to access truthful information. Our research is highly regarded because we are committed to producing unbiased findings that are presented professionally, free from vested interests. This approach resonates with our stakeholders, who rely on our research as a valuable and impartial resource in navigating the dynamic landscape of the media industry. Ongoing research activities:

  • "Mongolian Media - Today" annual statistical report on the Mongolian media landscape
  • Media audience research
  • Analysis of the media environment
  • Public Opinion Polls on Media Issues
  • Public opinion polls on media issues