The Press Institute of Mongolia

"Mongolian Media - Today" annual statistical report on the Mongolian media landscape

This annual survey gathers quantitative data on the Mongolian media landscape. It covers about 90% of media organizations that are operational annually. The survey report provides detailed information on various media categories and outlets, including newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and news sites.

It also presents an overview of changes in the number of media outlets over the past five years, ownership structures, and staffing dynamics. For example, the report includes details on national and local television stations, such as the year of establishment, quantitative changes over the years, broadcasting scope, ownership, program structure, personnel, salaries, and contact information. The report also provides statistical information on media outlets operating outside of the capital city, data on human resources in the media sector, including age, gender, education, salary, lists of online news media, and the social media platforms used by media outlets.