The Press Institute of Mongolia

Short-term training for media professionals

This program aims to support quality and responsible journalism by fostering the understanding, knowledge, and skills of media professionals in modern journalism. These courses are structured at an advanced level and are designed to facilitate specialized learning, providing a deeper understanding of specific issues. The topics covered include advanced reporting methods for environmental issues, child-rights-sensitive journalism techniques, data journalism, understanding the legal framework of the media, reporting techniques for crime and court issues, election reporting, gender-sensitive journalism, media management, and many more. 


In-house Training for Newsrooms

This training is designed for news media organizations and provides specialized courses tailored to meet their specific demands and requirements.

The suggested course topics include:

  • Sustainable media business and modern media management
  • Data-driven Journalism
  • Effective use of social media in journalism
  • Information verification and fact-checking methodology
  • Online research techniques
  • Mobile journalism
  • The role of media in promoting media and information literacy
  • Artificial Intelligence and Journalism


Investigative journalism compact course (three weeks)

This specialized course is meticulously designed to enhance the investigative journalism skills of mid-career journalists and freelancers. It focuses on imparting systematic knowledge of investigative research techniques and storytelling, emphasizing the practical implementation of investigative projects.

The comprehensive training program encompasses methodological lessons, guiding participants through crucial aspects of investigative work. These include selecting a compelling investigative topic, conducting thorough online research, verifying collected facts, organizing the research files and creating timelines, fostering collaboration with others, and enhancing the overall effectiveness of investigative work. The course facilitates discussions on works and includes practical exercises in investigative research project development.