The Press Institute of Mongolia

Public communications training

This continuous three-month training course was initiated in 2015 to cater to media specialists and public relations staff from public and non-governmental organizations, the private sector, and international organizations. The comprehensive curriculum covers fundamental public relations techniques through one full day of classroom training and half a day online each week. The course covers topics such as factors influencing organizational image formation, defining target groups and their characteristics, developing a public communication strategy, planning and organizing advocacy campaigns, social media platform strategies, media market dynamics, effective media relations, crisis communication relations, and skills in creating posters, podcasts, videos, and infographics. Tailored short-term training is also offered based on organizational needs.
Урт хугацааны сургалтын хөтөлбөрөөс тодорхой агуулга сонгож, байгууллага, баг хамтын захиалгаар, хэрэгцээ шаардлагад нийцсэн богино хэмжээний сургалтыг мөн зохион байгуулна.