The Press Institute of Mongolia

Public relations consulting services

The Press Institute excels in organizing tailored public communication workshops for public agencies, private companies, and civil society organizations. These workshops address various aspects, including planning communication activities, defining target groups, developing messages, selecting communication channels, evaluating performance, and organizing press conferences. Additionally, the Institute conducts thorough evaluation studies upon agency requests, offering recommendations for potential improvements. These studies encompass assessing the institutional framework, communication outputs, information reach, and strategies of the relevant agency.
Building on communication training and evaluation studies, the Press Institute collaborates with agencies to execute jointly developed media events, facilitating message delivery, information dissemination, agenda-setting, improved public understanding, and garnering public support. The Institute also provides stakeholder relations management services, initially mapping relevant stakeholders, defining their attitudes and expectations, and maintaining communications among stakeholders.

A highly sought-after service, especially by international partner organizations, is the Media Relations service. This service involves designing press conferences or media events, editing and disseminating press releases, offering publicity recommendations, suggesting media outreach activities, designing events, and recommending optimal communication channels based on the target audience. For details, please call: +11 350002